Found More Exciting Old Spotting Pictures

Going through my phone, I found yet more old (low quality) yet amazing airplane pictures! Enough talking (it’s late) and lets get on to the pictures.

A 737-400 waiting to board in Juneau, AK (PAJN).

Departing PAJN in a Cessna 206.

The 747-400 that I am about to fly to London Heathrow on parked at it’s gate at McCarran Intl.

Pilots pre-flighting a 737 before it’s departure to KSFO.

An Alaska Airlines 737-700 deplaning in Kotzebue (PAOT)

A Bering Air Cessna 208 Caravan parked in Kotzebue (PAOT)

Getting ready to board a Pennair Saab in King Salmon, Alaska.

A Delta Airlines 777-200LR taxing to the runway at KATL, getting ready to make the 15+ hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.


What’d ya mean - low quality?

Those are really good shots — my favourite is the one of the Pennair Saab


Those are some amazing shots! My favourite one is the last picture - the sky looks beautiful!


Those pictures are amazing! I really like the picture of the Cessna 206 and the picture of the Saab.


Hey! You even got the Extremely rare Emirates 777-2LR that had to divert to KLAS.

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Is that a joke or something?

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You can see the plane in the background

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Oh. I see it now.

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These are gems! No words can describe these stunning photos, they are so awesome! Alaska, London, everywhere! Such amazing photos, great job @Captain_Merka!

Can I use some of these elsewhere if I credit you?

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Sure just send me a quick PM if you do beforehand.

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The clouds make the photo at the end awesome


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