Found airport dots on LiveFlight app all over the map!

So I was spotting Laura today at France region then I started seeing these airport dots all over the LiveFlight app,and so I clicked on an random airport witch was Cairo airport and it actually showed all information,I also compared it with Laura’s post and they are the same dots that she had,here’s some pictures I took:


Those dots are the main airports

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But they don’t exist in IF yet…


They will once global is released.


Yeah,but how come these airports are showing up on the map when global isn’t even released yet…

The show up as they are main airports it is nothing new stop saying it’s global when it’s not its just what cam has done with liveflight it’s always been like this nothing new.

They’re the airports that will be there in global. I’m two steps ahead :)

Check out the charts too, worth a look if you want to say what the layouts will be like in IF!


You can check every airport in the world if you have horizon and if they’ve been edited you can check the charts

Ok cool Cameron,btw I’m TUI that speaks to you on Instagram!

They don’t show up for me?

Refresh and don’t use Edge (the browser).

I’m using the app

They didn’t to me either,they just came up for about 15secs and I don’t even have an horizon subscription.

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Are your charts the same site as Giacomo’s?

Edit: Disregard.

Who’s Giacomos?

I just subscribed to live flight horizon

Another community member, he started a site with a ton of approach and departure charts for destinations in IF.

It’s working

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Awesome! :D

Nope, not in the slightest.

LiveFlight’s charts are rendered on-the-fly and are completely interactive. They’re currently only ground charts, but I’m looking into expanding this to arrival/departure plates. They’re built in such a way that they work for every airport in the world coming to IF :)

I was using it earlier at LGA - really useful to plan the quickest route to the runway (whilst choosing a parking spot close to the runway to avoid taxiing a lot).

This is what they look like (more polished in the app - this is a development screenshot):