Found a Discourse Bug

Hey everyone!

So, while I was trying to search something in the top right magnifying glass icon. I encountered a bug. So, normally the search bar would pop up and I could type words in it but when I go to click on it, a black screen pops up. So, I restarted my device and tried it again, it still was doing that.


Anyone else having the same issue?


Yes I have this as well!

I thought it was just my device or something, but clearly not!

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Does this happen in the DiscourseHub app as well? It’s fine for me on the app.

I don’t know since I don’t use the app

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Works just fine on browser and app for me.

I use an iPhone

The issue was solved. I use the discourse app and it was a problem for me last night.

That’s weird. It still doing it for me.

Try refreshing the page maybe?

It’s still doing it

I’ll try on my iPad when I get home.

Try clearing your browser history and cache.

It’s only happening on my iPad when I’m using Google chrome. Safari works fine. But it’s very annoying.