Fouler10’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys. I am currently trying to improve my ATC skills on Infinite Flight and I would like to become IFATC in the future. Please give feedback so I can improve. You can see me as Fouler10 and feel free to do some pattern work.

Departing Runway: 22L & 22R
Landing Runway: 22L & 22R


Spawning in now

Hi, I was N669XP.

Great that you started a tracking thread!

My quick feedback is that there is No need to give pattern entry after take off, you already gave it to me when you cleared me to take Off. I’ll try to swing by again later. Also no need to over control telling me when to turn base, and in that turn you forgot to clear me to land(that was why I asked for go around)

Keep practicing!

Hi, N561jv here.

I am glad you are interested in learning ATC. I don’t want to tear apart the whole session but the bottom line is that you absolutely need to watch the tutorials on youtube before you start trying to control again. You will get much more out of it when you have some of the basic concepts down a bit more.

Here is a good page to start on. Ground, advanced tower, sequencing are all videos I watched multiple times.

Second, review this post of his “Golder Rules” from Anton @azeeuwnl :

As for feedback:

  • Good ground commands.
  • You gave me proper take off instruction
  • You gave the next flight a “line up and wait”. Why? There were no conflicts, they should have been cleared for take off.
  • When I was airborne you gave me “enter left downwind”. Why? I was already cleared to make left patterns.
    Every aircraft gets a: 1) pattern 2) sequence (if needed) 3) clearance
    A pattern entry is given on take off or when there is a change in runway. There is no need to remind the pilot of where they are going. DO not over control. When there are multiple aircraft in the pattern, when you sequence them, they will space themselves out.
  • As with the prior, you then gave me an “enter left base” Why? I was already cleared to left pattern
  • You did not clear me to land or for the option. That is why I kept calling a go around. Every aircraft needs to be cleared to land or else they will fly around and crash when there is no fuel.
  • When I asked for an east departure, you did not give me a frequency change. That should become a reflex, “departure east approved, frequency change approved.”

Thank you very much for the feedback and giving your time. Also thanks for recommending those sources.

Thank you for the feedback and giving your time. Will continue to practice based off the feedback given (to improve). Also, won’t forget clearing to land again.

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I am now open at KEWR.

Coming now!

KEWR is now closed.

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