Forward Right Wing View Sounds Fixed

Hello, pilots!

I come to you with the simple request that the sound from the right wing view should be like the sound you hear in front of the aircraft.
I think this would be a simple modification, but I figured it should be known.

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My solution:

Before you ask, yes this is the Boeing 777-200ER
And no, this is not the new one.


Wait, it’s already like that? Well…

Shows how much I’ve flown this bird 😂


I would like the sounds to be the front sounds though.

Is that the wing view or did you do the free cam?

That’s Wing cam that’s just been zoomed and repositioned. I find myself doing exactly that on nearly all aircraft wing views


Can confirm. I do this for practically all my flights too. Gives some great views and a new level of experience. Best ones I’d say is the 737 and 787 for wing flex, 777 for engines, and the A380/747 for the double engine ‘Heavy’ experience.

The A330, 757 and 767 is a no go becuase of the engine quality 😂

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I’m confused as to what you’re asking for…? Could you elaborate?

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I am asking for the right wing view to be fixed on the aircraft that need it.

What aircraft have incorrect wing views though? All you really need to do is zoom in or adjust it a little and they should all be “correct”

A couple that stick out to me are the 757 and MD-11. Right wing views, for the most part, are the most important ones to be fixed.

Tbh, I started with something and then someone made it confusing, so…

what if you change it to middle of the wing, or forward left?

That’s such a tiny detail that can be easily fixed as mentioned above. I do agree the views on most aircraft are a little incorrect, but I don’t think this deserves a Features topic. Personally, fixing this would be quite pointless if I was a developer, but that’s my view on this.

Your title and description talk about the front wing sound needing to be fixed. I’d change it so that it is clear