Forums and XP farming

I am currently XP farming and I wanted to ask - are tutorials of XP farming legal on these forums?

What is XP farming?

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Check this out:

You will probably get hated for doing it though.

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XP farming is used to gain XP without (most of the time) interacting with your device.

Any examples of XP farming?

The amount of xp gained during flight is extremely low. Most of the xp comes from landings.

What is your goal? Are you trying to make it to the expert server or just gain xp for the heck of it?

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Leaving autopilot on and device charging and flying around the region using what I think is fore flight but check it and that will automatically follow your flight plan for you and all you need to do is check on it every so often then land when you want and you should have thousands of XP


I recommend using a C152 with no weight. Set it with full flaps at 44 knots, in a diagonal across Chicago. That will do you for around six or seven hours.

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Just do lots of touch and goes. At least that way you’re doing something useful and honing your skills. I’ll sometimes log in a session of flying between KSEA and KBFI on TS1 (or even Expert if it’s very quiet). Half an hour of that will increase your XP and hopefully improve your flying ability. Otherwise what’s the point? Another option is to use the 172 or 208 on the Charlotte or Oshkosh region and bounce between the hundreds of little airports that are on those regions.


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