Forum turned gray

The forum just turned gray like some fog just rolled over, and it looks really weird. Anyone else experience this?


And now the yellow line on the top is misplaced

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Had this issue as well. It’s still going on and off. Standby

I also am having this issue. I’m gonna go check it out on a different theme.

Looks like dark mode maybe?

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I do have it set to dark mode, it usually is black, not gray.

some mod is changing dark mode settings

Hmm ok then

Just updating some dark mode styles. Nothing is broken.


i knew it

Yes. That’s weird

Thanks for letting us know Jason.

This is very interesting to say the least.

This is why you use light mode

what have i done


Light mode is only ok on the IFC, on anything else its just wrong

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Dark is better. Let’s take this to a PM so we don’t get off topic.


As confirmed by other platforms, light mode is techically to be used as a flashlight.


I started out the IFC with light mode, and it stuck.