Forum Tip of the Day: It's not a race!

Hey community!

With the situation that the whole world is facing right now, the IFC has seen a influx of new and active users. While not bad in itself, a direct consequence of that is poorer quality of posts and general clogging of the forum (even I’m an offender of that sometimes). I could provide a million tips to help increase the quality of posts, and reduce clogging, but today I am just going to point out one thing.

Have you seen a brand new #support topic or #general topic where someone is asking a question/has a problem? I bet you have. Well, most experienced and knowledgeable community users probably have tried to answer and help that user, which is the goal. In fact, I do this myself quite often.

Quite often I’ll type out what I consider a good reply, only to have 4 other people ‘butt’ their way in front of me, simply dropping a link with no context, giving a non-helpful reply, (or the worst thing) repeating exactly what the user above said. So, in order to avoid this, I’ll be giving you some quick tips.

  1. If you already see 1 or 2 people replying to a topic, wait! Once they post, read through what they said. If it is adequate, wait for the OP to reply. If it is not adequate, then reply, given what you say is not a repeat of the post above.

  2. If you give a link, you must give context. Even if it is only a sentence explaining what the link is, and how it will help the OP, some context is better than none.

  3. Let the more experienced users to the talking. Whether that be a regular, a staff member, a moderator, or a real-world professional, they probably know more than you do. Even though you may have good intentions, if you do not know what you are talking about, chances are you’ll probably confuse the OP, which has the opposite of the desired affect.

  4. Always make sure your posts are of the highest quality, and be kind!! This should apply to everything on the forum, but you should use the tip especially with new users, as you want to help them to the best of your ability, and you certainly don’t want to be rude and scare them off!

  5. READ EVERYTHING! This tip also applies to everything, but again, especially to topics and replies posted by new users.

Sorry about the longevity of this post, as much as I try to keep it short, I never succeed in doing so 😅. Catch you guys around!


Gotta commend you on this one, I’ve spent the last week gritting my teeth when trying to help people, or when something has already been answered several posts before and people don’t check and post their opinion anyway.

Seb made a cracking post about this back in January of last year. You can find it below:


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