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Hello IFC,

I have a tag idea, It’s called Trending, or as I originally thought “Trending and happening this week”

This would be aimed towards the event category and would help some users find a event with more activity in it. Now… I know what you’re gonna say, “But Chris, This will draw attention away from smaller events” I know, but what I think would help that would be that, to be labeled as “Trending and happening this week”. It would only pop up the week of the event, and would help the smaller events not be fully empty and left out of the spotlight.

Let me know what you think.
(also… please let me know if this is explained correctly

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We… kinda already have this.

The topic that has been replied to most recently is put to the top.

I’m pretty sure the software running the fourm allows you to automatically sort by that based on the reading algorithm in your stats I happen to be a bit of a SEO wiz myself so this is an easy one to say already exists your probably using it without knowing.

If you look at the Discourse release notes, for version 2.8, which is what they are working on now, they are working on something called “hot topics.”

Basically, the hot topic list will be composed of the most popular in liked, replied to, and visited topics of the day. It is looking like this update should come out within the next month to 3 months, but that’s up to the discourse team. I’ll leave a link below to the source and a screenshot as to where this could be found.

Thanks and happy flying!



This already exists. Most replied topics are usually on the Top!

Let’s not over crowd the forum with a tag when we already have something that already fulfills this request.

top/trending topics sorted