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Isn’t vulgar and derogatory langauge the same and inappropiate use of photos or emojis i think should be number 5?


I think “severely derogatory” is the keyword/phrase here when comparing the two. I won’t provide an example, but I’m sure one could think of something that would be rather severe vs. something that isn’t as severe… as odd as it sounds to even say that.

Moral of the story, is don’t say something that would fall on any of those misconducts and you’re gucci. 😬


ok and what about inappropiate emojis and pictures. i see no perm ban on that unless you take indvuial action by case basis on what they upload

Inappropriate use of emojis would be using something like the eggplant or peach or something like that to define something else other than what they were designed. Like if someone is using those to portray an inappropriate message, then that’s clearly something we’d take action on. But if someone is saying, those are my favorite fruit/vegetable, then we’re not going to ban someone for such.

We have to read between the lines in some cases to fully understand what it is the individual is trying to portray. If we determine that the post is intentionally trying to portray something inappropriate, then we’d take action on it.

Bans/suspensions are kinda odd. People make them very easy, some make it hard. Meaning, the evidence is super clear, or it takes some digging and investigation before the suspension is issued.


ok thanks for the info

What would inappropriate emoji use be like? Like one emoji after every word?

☝🏼This is what deer said

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