Forum Suspension Table

Do you have a more accurate description? 😂

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No need. Let’s move it on. Any questions please ask below!


So an unofficial/official warning is like a PM warning you about what you did?

Thank you for publicizing the suspension system! It’s always good that we have a structured suspension system for the community!


Unofficial is a PM or even a reply stating as such. Official warnings are given in a PM and have different formatting. The message will have a yellow background and the message itself in your message list will have a red envelope icon.


There is an exception to duplicate accounts for a VA account right?

Ex: The Virgin Virtual Account

Yes those are allowed for IFVARB approved VAs.


Nice job enforcing the rules!

This is great, as it makes clear the expectations of all community members and staff members alike, and explains the consequences people can expect for their actions.

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Explain this:

Posted by @Levet last week, so the image is from a reputable source.


Mm nice work. Now I know what to stay away from haha

Where can you see your warnings?

They’re sent via PM. Unofficial warnings can be sent in threads.

Is there a specific place you can find them?

You mean the amount of warnings or just the messages?


I don’t believe there is a place to see how many warnings you’ve had. However, you can probably keep track of your own warnings.

I have had one official warning that did not have red markings or a yellow highlight. Just “Consider yourself warned”. What he said is not completely accurate but I’m not in the mood for arguing. Too late

Well, this system came into effect just today, so they’ve probably changed the way the warnings look.

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This would be considered as an informal warning I’d say.
Formal are highlighted in yellow and have a red marking.