Forum Suspension Table

Are previous bans being grandfathered in? Or are they being effectively reset to go against this table?


The duplicate will always be removed permanently no matter the occurrence. Everything else is correct, yes, as the table applies to only the main account.


They will be on a case by case basis as there is a large amount of variety.


I’m pretty sure it’s by IP.

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Thanks for making this information public!

Realizes @anon99370119 is never coming back 😢


Lucky for you, you can also enter your username:

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Ok this seems good. Thank you for the information.

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Yay! This system will save the community a ton!

I have a second account that I made a long time ago and have lost the login, if I were to get suspended and, would it get worse for me having that account even if I don’t go on it during the suspension?

thanks for the heads up!@MishaCamp

Oh ok great, literally this happened to me on Facebook. I just put in a super hard password and had to verify who I am. But thank you glad to know I can still put in my username :)

Just let a moderator or staff member know in this incidence. No action will be taken in cases like these as, quite simply, we aren’t monsters 😉


Sounds Good! Thanks for the Help!

Won’t be me getting suspension! Nice to see we have more strict rules to avoid the immature ones and the haters

@anon99370119 July 1 2018-March 13,2019


Why is everyone talking about him?

I like this a lot. These set of rules very informative and straight forward.

Because he was a person with no regard for the rules and severely lacked respect for others on the forum.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Settle down captain happy.

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Who was @anon99370119?