Forum Suspension Table

Hi Everyone

As part of our continuing strive to make communication and openness as widespread as possible, it is time that the forum, with regards to suspension and warnings, is brought up to speed with this policy. As of now, suspension times are largely varied, and, to a significant extent, down to moderator discretion. We realise from a community member perspective this appears hidden and hard to understand.

To change this, we have a new suspension table, made to be both simple to read and understand, and to be easy to use as a reference for ourselves.

Below is the table. It is in force with immediate effect. For now, it will be a pinned post in meta, but it may also be included in the FAQ/ToS pages soon. Please note this table will be strictly adhered too and will not be tailored to individuals to ensure fairness across the board.


Very interesting Misha!


It’s great to see this is now public. Makes people aware of what’s expected if it wasn’t clear already for whatever reason.


Good idea. IFC is already a very organized and pleasant website, but there’s always people that abuse it and do not behave maturely.


Very informative. Should make more people aware of how it works.


A troll was recently uncovered and suspended for interfering in ATC tracking threads… where do they fit in in this new matrix

Misconduct 2 and note iii.

Oh we needed this

Thanks so much Misha! It’s quite perfect timing too :)

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Misha, how will you account for banned people creating new/fake accounts?


Question: How are the identities of duplicate accounts uncovered? Always has puzzled me for quite some time.

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Misconduct 6. The variation depends on whether the account holder is already suspended or not. We track these internally in a number of ways.


Sounds good! Thanks for the rapid response Misha :)

I think they can tell what IP it can from, and if that one already has an account. I could be wrong, and I think they have other means since that’s pretty easy to work around…


Misconduct 6 (creation of duplicate accounts)

So if someone were to create a duplicate account and they are not suspended, would the duplicate account be permabanned?
Also, what would happen to the main account

The action taken in Misconduct 6 refers to the main account. Secondary accounts will be deleted/suspended with immediate effect.

There’s a lot of questions regarding Misconduct 6



So if I were to create a duplicate account, that account would get banned and I would get an official warning.

If I do it again, not only does the duplicate account get banned but also this account for 1 month as well.

And then if I do it again the third time, the duplicate account AND this account would get perma-banned.

Is that correct?

Glad we are getting more transparency here!

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What if you forget your email address?