Forum Suspension Table - Updated May 2020

Hi all,

We strive to make the rules and regulations of the forum as clear as possible. Below you can find the forum suspension table, the guide we use when addressing issues amongst the community. This is strictly adhered to at all times by both moderators and staff.

May 2020 Changelog
  • Added clarity that the rules apply to DMs as well as public threads
  • Additional notes that clarify that staff set the boundaries of discourse or convictions that can be shared on this forum
  • Changes ‘to any member/staff’ to ‘directed at any member/staff’ for Misconduct 5
  • Makes clear staff can read DMs at any time, however moderators can only see if flagged by a member within that DM
  • Changed ‘sum total time’ of suspensions for multiple issues to ‘highest penalty of the combined issues’ in note ii)


Q: When do moderators and staff read my direct messages?

A: We read DMs when flagged by the system. Moderators can only read DMs when the system flags it, however, staff have the ability to do so at any time. Staff only read DMs in addition to when flagged if we believe there is a potential safeguarding or rule breach issue that needs investigating.

Q: Why can I not talk about whatever I want on here? What about free speech?

As noted in note iv), staff have the ability to set the parameters of what is acceptable or not in a discussion. By participating on this forum, you agree to this rule. This is supported by our official terms of service.

Q: A decision that a moderator or staff member has made makes me feel unsafe/not welcome on this forum. What do I do?

We welcome all on this forum, and we actively make sure this forum is a place where people can feel safe and free from discrimination of any kind. If we have made a decision relating to the general rules of this forum, a decision relating to other users accounts, or any other decision that makes you feel vulnerable, please bring it to the attention of staff immediately. We will look to address the issue with discretion and respect.


Thank you for finally making this clear!


Thank you!

Would it be self promotion for say if we posted a YouTube video to go check out or something along the lines of asking someone if they want to be in an Infinite Flight Realated Discord server? That last one was kind of arbitrary.

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You can post your YouTube videos in the #screenshots-and-videos category. What we don’t allow are purely promotional topics. Advertising and promoting Discord Servers is not allowed at all on the IFC except for very few exceptions that need to be discussed with Moderators and Staff first.


Okay thank you for the clarification!

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I just want to ask are we allowed to speak any other language other than English in pm’s
, Provided that what I type doesn’t harm the interest of others or depict any form of violence.
Or is it totally against the IFC guidelines?

Perfectly fine, and in public topics there is support on #support:francais and #support:espanol.

Just be aware that some normal language may be flagged as inappropriate since we are based on English, and some words could be randomly picked up, this will also bring attention to your DM.

Although don’t worry, the moderators have better things to do than view your friendly messages, they may just leave the flag be, or revert it if it’s a mistake, that’s their choice.


Cool, thanks for the info:)


Thanks for clearing things up, but what exactly does the above mean? You make it sound like there is another condition under which staff are permitted to access DMs.

Yes there is. See below:

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Ah right, I it wasn’t clear to me and confused me a little. I see it now.

How do I know if the PM has been flagged by the system? Will we receive a notification or a message?

Thanks for the help :)

Is it allowed to post content from x plane here?

This is an Infinite Flight Forum. Answer isn’t really needed.🙂


A message that looks like this:


Alright. Thanks for the help :)

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Regarding forum violation: How many flags required to initiate automatic PM hiding, could someone tell me?

And if we feel that we’ve been suspiciously flagged out of spite by a group of people, i.e. die hard fans who misunderstood our comment and took offence (is that possible btw?), who do we contact to take a look at our comment and see whether the flag is just or arbitrary?

All flags are reviewed by moderators. If you feel like you are being targeted please open up a message with moderators and they will get it sorted. (: