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Hello, I’m fairly new here and I’ve been on alot of forums.
A common feature of all forums is a sub-section allowing user’s to Introduce themselves and would it be too much to ask if this forum included something like this?
Perhaps a section for users to introduce themselves and perhaps for those who shall be leaving the Aviation simming for another day.
Please leave your view in the comments below and hope to see you all.


Possibly, but topics like this can be made in #general too :)
Welcome to the forums by the way!

This is created in #General right?
If it isn’t may a Moderator move it.

Yeah I’m sorry, I meant that topics like ‘I’m new to the forums’ can be made in General. I personally don’t feel the need for a seperate topic for them.

There was once a topic where people introduced themselves. It died off a long time ago, though

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As @Boeing707, we did have a dedicated thread to that back in the day. We can try reviving it, nice suggestion :)

I’m not sure if it’s worthy of a whole category but we can certainly work with topics.

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#features is for requests in Infinite flight.

This isn’t a request about the app.

Oh, okay, thank you @dush19

My first post :)

I still would love to design planes LOL. I need to find time to pursue that more seriously though…

Oh well that’s enough off topic for now I suppose on my part

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You can introduce yourself on your accounts description.

Literally, I can’t find all these things :0

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