Forum section for ATC's on TS1

A large part of this community often works as ATC on TS1.
But TS1 controllers lack the ability to communicate with eachother. I believe it would be good if the serious TS1 controllers have place where they can communicate:

  • bring some people together to open a new region
  • tower and approach controllers can agree to open together
  • ATC’s can receive feedback from pilots, and learn.
  • pilots can query controllers

So I propose a seperate section is created on this Forum, where TS1 ATC’s can meet and communicate. When an ATC proposes to open a region, or wants to open an airport as Approach ATC, then another ATC can reply and report that he will be opening Tower and Ground.

I do realise a forum is not developed for ‘live/real-time’ communication, but it’s better than nothing.

We do have the Live > ATC section, but I don’t believe it is setup and used for what I am proposing. It is used for all ATC related posts.

And yes, I know, many ATC’s on TS1 are not on this Community, and the idea is not waterproof. And then there’s nimrods etc. But I don’t talk about those guys. I like to focus on the pilots and controllers that are serious and are keen to learn and contribute to this great sim.

I found this one as well - not quite the same though…


If they want to get together now they can. However anytime this has been tried it’s failed miserably.


I do loads of TS1 controlling and this sounds amazing!

It Failed, but it didn’t fail miserably ;).


Can you not use the #live:atc category for this?

This is a section for every ATC related topic, including pratice sessions.

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You weren’t the original my friend 😏


Yep, well atleast i got most of them boys up to IFATC. So i didn’t fail that hard 😂.


I really like the idea! I think, however, we shouldn’t have a sub-category on the forum but a Training Server ATC Slack (just what the current IFATCs use). I assume that all Moderators should be invited, and hence should also keep an eye out on the Slack and the forum.

You hate them all don’t you!

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I understand that they’re volunteers and my idea just gives them more workload, but in my eyes this is the only way for the idea to function.

The entire purpose of the #live:atc category is to have a portal for TS1 controllers to coordinate, announce openings, and so forth. I am doubtful that a standalone category will be created solely to have an area where the serious TS1 controllers can open. Serious is subjective, and that’s why this idea is difficult to implement. If there are TS1 controllers that are serious, they are most likely already in IFATC or in the process of becoming an IFATC controller.

Touching on the TS1 slack topic, this is not something we’re going to support here on this forum. Simply put, it will take a lot of time to manage (invitations, overseeing the channels, etc.) We would rather spend the time improving and monitoring the forum instead of prioritizing a slack team.

Keep in mind that we have the private message function here for a reason. If any TS1 controllers want to organize an opening of several airports, that have the ability to do so in PM. Nothing’s stopping you. :)


thanks this post was needed for the serious ts1 controllers! but some of these TS1 pilots dont even kniw what a left downwind is so that makes it even harder.

dear aeezwul

thanks for informing me about this cool thing
i am actually new to infinite flight so could u tell me a bit more about it


I don’t really think this is going to work out well. Serious TS1 controllers like me can have their ATC Tracking Thread, which we obviously use to notify other community members to attend the controllers’ ATC session and we use it mainly for practice to be a better controller. Sooner, we will be IFATC thanks to the #tutorials and of course, the tracking threads.

The tracking threads can be found in the #live:atc category. As Henrik was saying, that category is used to open tracking threads and create an ATC session for our community members to attend and have fun. As a serious TS1 controller, I am on the road to being an IFATC controller along with the other serious TS1 controllers. So, I do not think we need a seperate ATC category mainly used for TS1 controlling.

Also, I don’t think most of the newbie controllers and pilots are going to find out about the Community anyways. The #live:atc category is good enough. I do hope we could find a way to train the TS1 pilots in the future.


I’d like to have seperate categories for announcing open and tracking threads at least, currently all the extremely useful material in #live:atc is hidden beneath thousands of tracking threads. Don’t get me wrong, I love that more people than ever are interested in ATC and trying to join IFATC, it’s just slightly clogging the category


That is not that bad of an idea and is actually viable. The only issue I foresee is the fact that we can’t have a subcategory of a subcategory and it would be strange to have #live:atc and #live:atcdiscussions, for example. It wouldn’t make much sense for the new user and it’ll look messy with long category names.


Surely, if we agree that it could be viable, and TS1 controllers like this and would use it, there must be a creative way to create this area, in a way that it makes sense for everyone?

Why not just do #live:Expert and #live:Trainingserver?


Because #live:expert wouldn’t be used by expert controllers. I was suggesting the area that isn’t for openings is other stuff like discussions etc