Forum Request : New category for IFAET

Hi everyone,

With the new directives of the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (commonly known as IFAET), members have been authorized to share their work publicly. This is not something that had never been done before. In fact, they used to do it frequently before the implementation changes and the quasi-lockdown of the IFAET team that had lasted for over a year. Although, they were doing it in their OWN category (can’t remember the name, my memory is a bit fuzzy on that one). Third party devs/apps & everything related to the various APIs were also in their own separate categories.

I have set on “watching” the categories #thirdparty & #thirdparty:api as I am myself a developer and I want to keep track of other 3rd party apps & dev subjects. However, with the recent changes, #thirdparty is now on track to be flooded with 3D airports tracking threads and previews. #screenshots-and-videos is also impacted.

We used to easily track all the new airports coming up. Everything was posted by the Infinite Flight social media team and information about future airport updates was scarce compared to now. Furthermore, it is in MY view that airport previews and tracking threads that used to be posted on IF’s socials DO NOT belong to #thirdparty & #screenshots-and-videos. They should instead reside in their own category as the IFAET is growing steadily. It will make things so much easier to follow and prevent #thirdparty & #screenshots-and-videos being clogged up with IFAET’s development.

TLDR : 3D airports all over the place. It will get worse with the team growing bit by bit. New completely separate category from #thirdparty will make things easier for everyone.


Thank you for the great suggestion!

I think most of us can agree that some sort of arrangements needs to be done.

We will discuss this internally both staff & moderators and see what the best option would be :)


This is a great idea, it’s hard to separate the normal photos for the airport one in #screenshots-and-videos and I’m sure it’s the same in #thirdparty too. Since the IFAET is growing so big a separate category would be a good idea anyway

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Wonderful idea! But I think just a tag for IFAET in #screenshots-and-videos should work instead of a whole category.

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Maybe so, but that might get confusing.

Nice idea, I can see your valid point but first reaction from me will be is this really necessary?
The ongoing process for IFAET group selection will eventually cease very soon but we do have Infinite Flight discord platform that is popular among the IF community and a lot of discussion have been about enquires on IFAET in recent days so why not create a new channel on there?

Either way I support this ✈️

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So, we’ve done some changes to this now.
Have a look at Scenery Editing :)