Forum procedure questions

These may be dumb questions (I’m thinking), but after attempting to poke around the screen, as well as search, the answers seem to escape me. I’m thinking it must be right in front of me like milk in the fridge…

the questions:

How can I determine the current forum moderator?

Is it ok to message the moderator occasionally, a dumb question or two, of a sincere nature?

How do I find the rules/customs for referencing outside sources in a new topic post?

Take a look at the hamburger icon (next to profile picture in top right), click on groups, then moderators. It’ll show when they were last seen on the forum. Link is also here

Any question about using forum or any of the such, you can post in a topic in #meta, or ask a friendly forum Regular for example via PM (such as myself, I’m always happy to help). Ideally only message moderators for any questions you may have relating to moderation, posting a topic, concerns of other users, or a question relating to your account.

Generally the main rules are to not post a resource that requires paid access, and to credit any photo or resource by a link to where you found it/the author.

“Do not post copyrighted content such as flight manuals or aircraft data logs. You are allowed to post a link to where you found them and discuss them in detail, but do not upload them yourself. For media content, you must also give credit, even if the content is free to use. This is because we want to support media creators as much as possible. See more on this here.”

Taken from topic linked above ‘here’, number 7.

I’d suggest taking a look at the #meta:forum-guide category. It’ll help you understand the forum, how it operates, and rules a lot better.


If you need to contact a mod (eg. your IF account is messed up), you just message @ moderators.

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I really appreciate your answer, very helpful! Thanks Why am I always blind in hindsight…

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