Forum Open Discussion about Updates

Is it just me or did the color of the “Reply” button change from blue to black?image


Yes it did.

There are about 1.2 million topics on this. It’s just a forum update.


A lot of things changed from blue to black

Yes, there are many other topics about the forum update…

Ok I am pretty new.

Is there a topic specifically about this?

It’s ok. Just make sure you search or read to see if anyone has posted something similar :)

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I just did, but nothing came up.

I thought my eyes were messed up when I first saw it.


Don’t worry about it. Not a big deal :)

Look at the latest topics in the #meta category…

Oh I didn’t see the other one. Someone can close this now.

I don’t like it! Change it back!

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I like the old way also!


Nah, it’s fine for me🙄 It doesn’t really bother me…still the forum exists.

The blue was way better. The greyscale makes everything terrible!

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I hate the new one…

It just makes it harder to read

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