Forum Name change.

Hey everyone, I was just curious about a forums name change. Is there anyway possible that I can manually change my forums name tag? If not, Is there any other possible way that my name can be changed? Any help is appreciated, thanks’


Shoot off a polite private message to “@moderators” and they’ll change up your name for you.


Keep in mind that you can only change your name once!


Thanks for the help, I PMd a moderator and hopefully my name can be changed. My infinite flight tag is completely different to my forum as well as I really dislike my forum tag. I think it was time for a change. I don’t believe I’ll need to change my name again after this one.

Thanks again!

The thread can be locked now as my question has been answered, thanks!

I got my name changed I think 3 times by Misha 😀

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Wait, what? How?

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I just sent him a pm 😀

I acctualy don’t understand why you only get 1 name change xD. Can a yone explain?

I’ve never read anywhere that you only have one opportunity to change your name on the forum…

You get told by mods when you ask them for a name change.

It’s to stop people from changing their identity again and again.

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Alright gotcha.

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