Forum more active than IFFG

I wish the forum was much more active, there was more interactive, I was part of iffg but I left because I do not like … but I miss the news and events. would be nice to make the forum a meeting point and meeting place for lovers of IF, much more fluent and fast … I hope that you share this idea … thanks to all


It’s getting there, Carson had mentioned yesterday that there are now 5000 members of the forum. That’s good going for a community that’s not even a year old. The best way to make it more interactive is by posting more and getting involved with existing threads.


That’s funny. I offen think like 70 “new threads” 😳 how are people managing to read them let alone reply and post.
The overall number of post and the amount of information is considerable.

Remember, you are the community, if you want more events post more events.


This is a forum, not a social network like Facebook.


Add community link inside the app (at home screen per example)

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There is one if you go deep into the app, but it should be more accessible

What are you referring to. A browser shortcut?

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yeah or a button, like restore purchase

I understand what you mean, IFFG get posts every few minutes or so whereas they’re less frequent on here. I’d like to see it get busier and see more posts because I don’t like IFFG. Nothing against it but I don’t see much point of it when we could use the official forums


Lately I have found there has been an Increase in feature requests and bug posts (@Henrik_B) lol


Sorry for being stupid, but what is IFFG again. These guys are like flooding IF live.

Infinite Flight Fan Group on Facebook.

Oh, thanks.

Well, IFFG is independent- we started way before this forum existed. It’s true that a lot of the topics are shared, but this is the official channel, and we have the role of an unofficial fan group. Plus we use the Facebook format, which favours quicker and easier sharing of screenshots and faster question response across all platforms (desktop and mobile) - at the expense of persistence and layering like you’d find on forums.

Tl;dr, we talk about similar things, but the mechanisms to do so are different and both offer unique ways to interact with the IF community. Not much more to it than that :)


That makes sense actually, it’s far easier to reply quicker and post more on Facebook than on here


There are also a lot less rules on Facebook.

Depends which ones you mean, I suppose. Native rules, possibly; community rules - I’d say they’re about the same as here (excepting the constraints that hosting costs and discourse rules imply, of course)

Here we have a lot of posting rules and how you should format it. Facebook, you can basically post anything IF.

There are a lot of offtopic posts there, not much here