Forum maintenance over the coming weeks


Our forum host Discourse, will over the coming 2 weeks make several maintenance jobs that might affect the availability of our community. This means that you might encounter shorter periods of up to 30 minutes of our community being in Read only mode. This literally means what it says - you will be able to read posts, but not take any actions such as reply, like etc etc.

These jobs will not make any changes to appearance, features and such. It’s purely behind the scenes changes - we’re being moved to a newer generation of infrastructure :)

So any time you encounter Read only in coming weeks, it’s most likely due to this job.

Thank you for your patience & time!


Like any host, Discourse has to update from time to time! How long do you think “in the coming weeks” will be and how long do you think it will take for them to finish


Mentioned in the post ;)


I can’t read today XD
(probably cause it’s night time over here)

Thanks though!
I just hope that it finishes as quickly as possible.


Or in other words:

Staff and Mods want to take two weeks of vacation. They mass-suspend every IFC user so it’s Read-Only for them and then they disguise it as Discourse-Maintenance. Genius move. But we’re smarter. 😈

(Just kidding, thanks for the information. New infrastructure is always good. Makes things run smother (or greasier). But what shall we do during that time? I heard of an interesting place called „the outside“ once. Maybe it’s time to discover it)


Will there be ATC schedules released during these weeks? 🤔🍁

@schyllberg @Tyler_Shelton?

Why shouldn’t it be? We’re talking at most a few up to 30 minutes periods of read only over the coming 2 weeks.


I’d actually believe this…


It helps if I read the bold bit not at 2am 🤦‍♂️

Because I’m travelling back from Calgary to he uk today and I can’t sleep 😭🍁

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Thanks for alerting us! I’ll remember this, as it brings back a bad memory. 😉

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Sounds good 👌🏻🍹 🏖️

I have no doubt that there will be multiple topics about this, post maintenance.

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I’m currently not getting any notifications when a user replies to a comment or thread of mine. I guess it might be related to this? It has been going on for about 2h already though 😊


Yes it appears that there is maintenance occurring. No need to post things you see. Just be patient for the time being.


Is this going to affect the Trust levels?

Don’t worry, either way You’ll get TL2 if You contribute.

This forum is just moving to new infrastructure though, so I think You’re safe :)

Not that I am aware of.

Another glitch that I am seeing is that when You post a link, it doesn’t seem to be formatting into a box:

The issues that were reported earlier with:

  1. Notifications
  2. The small preview user images were not shown (Discourse bugs?)

… have now been fixed.

Discourse will need a week or so more to finish things up. And there will be a 30 minute read only time when they finalize the move, later this week or early next week.

Thanks for the patience! :)


I think Seb needs a vacation. 😏