Forum logo appearing strange on iOS 10 beta



I’m using beta and it’s fine for me.

Does that too on my Air 2. not iPhone

I had the same issue while i was on iOS 10.0 Beta.

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Is the iOS 10 public beta released?

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Yups, running it on my iphone :)

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Oh well I’ll try it then…

For those who dare… ;)

Side note: this is on IPhone 6. May be @Carson should show up and say something

Should I get iOS 10 beta?

Should you? Who knows? How about making a descision yourself? ;)

I use it. love the new futures . but alot of bugs though :/

You should but it’s very glitchy especially when using safari.

Like what type of glitches?

Same here, alot glicthes. when useing safari. closeing tabs and overall performance

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Anyone of you who also experince performance problems in IF with iOS 10 beta ?

Nope. Is your software at IOS10 beta 1 or IOS10 beta 2. (after this let’s get back on topic)

It’s the 1.