Forum Lingo Dictionary

Hello All,

I have put together this topic for new users so they know what everything we oldies say on the forum means.

OP: Original Poster

Thread: An original post

Reply: A post to a topic, but not the original post

Flag: Report inappropriate posts

The Flag Pop-up Screen


DM: Direct Message, start a private discussion between two or more members

Staff: Official Flying Development Studio team members. They can be seen with blue tags in-game or the “Staff” tag next to their username.

Mod/Moderator: Users on the forum who keep or forum nice and clean and tidy. You can identify them by the word ‘Moderator’ next to their username, or the purple tags you see in-game.

Suspension: Disciplinary act via Moderator or Staff restricting account access to the forum.

Category: This is how posts are organized. There is #general, #real-world-aviation, #features, #support, #atc, #tutorials, #live, #real-world-aviation:spotting, #support:francais #support:espanol, #tutorials:flight #tutorials:atc, #live:events, and #live:va. They all have a pinned topic (see below) in them to explain what the purpose of them is, and what trust level is required to post in said category.

Closed/Close: This is a permission that only the moderators have (see above). It locks the topic so that new replies are no longer allowed from the general forum. Moderators can still post in closed topics.

Pin/Pinning: To have the topic display at the top of the list. If it is just pinned, then it will only show at the top of the category (see above) that it is in. If it is pinned globally, then it will show at the top of it’s category and the home page (

Trust Level/TL: Everything you need to know is here and here.

Regular: A special Trust Level (see above) for the most active and helpful people on this forum. They have access to a special category called the Lounge, where they can talk about whatever they want, and they get text next to their name saying ‘Regular’. They can also move topics between categories (see above).

VA: Virtual Airline

IFVARB: Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. The organization responsible for certification and regulation of Virtual Airlines. Administrative members have the “IFVARB Admin” tag next to their username.

Wiki: A post that can be edited by Regulars (see above). You cannot make your own topic a Wiki (unless you are a Regular), you must ask a Moderator (see above) to do it for you.

Examples of a Wiki: this post and the community built device list.

I hope this has helped!


Thanks for all of the great info @KaiM

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I thought there is already a topic explaining all of this?Have to admit tho you organized it well

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Nice job! Very helpful for new users like me.

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Very well done @KaiM! I’ll check to see if there is anything like this around @IF_Aviation1


Don’t confuse OP with @THE-OP 😂


The #lounge is a secret place. 👀
Just a small addition. 😉


I think we should add POS: Parent over shoulder for some users 😜


Thanks for fixing that up @Thomas

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It’s no problem, great guide by the way! I’ll be sure to use it if/when I find a new user.

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More likely ‘when’ I’m sure!

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Great guide, @KaiM! Will definitely help some of the newer users on the community :)

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This topic is a wiki. I pointed it out.


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It’s seems that I failed to find any duplicate on this post. So basically you are good! Unless a mod finds something I don’t lol

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But I am the original poster…


Well, this does describe all the fourm lingo I can think of, great job.

Added Flagging to the list. You’re welcome! :)

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Nate, I just realized DM isn’t up there, can you add that

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And, just added that. 👍🏻

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This a great tutorial! This needs to be pinned for new users on IFC!