Forum issues?

So i feel like this will something so simply but i can’t tag anyone using @ nothing shows up, and for # its the same thing, does anyone know any possible fixes for why this may be?


Seems to work fine for me, what device and browser? Have you tried stuff like closing the tab/app and trying again?

I am using Safari as usual, and whenever i get off the forum i always close my apps from running in the background.

Try clearing your cache on your browser. Usually fixes little problems like those.

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It signed me right out😂 almost didn’t remember my pass word, but cleared everything, deleted everything still it’s not letting me tag anyone with @ or put anything after #

Write @Captain_Merka without the autofill and lets see what happens.

So the autofill isn’t working🙄😂

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Ok, so it works, just no autofill. What a pain…

Edit: Just making sure.

It was working just fine yesterday and noticed issues today.


Do you have a second device you could try it on? I can’t imagine this would be anything do do with your account, or something, but worth a shot just to eliminate possibilities of it isn’t too hard. Otherwise maybe try restarting your device, but much beyond that and we’re getting a bit out of my wheelhouse…

I will try that right now. I’ll just edit this post with tests and let you know how it goes 🙂

@KPIT #general ok so it works on my iPad I am restarting my phone.

Well it works on my ipad, but my phone, it’s a no go, i should probably update my phone. I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

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@KPIT It seems my phone just needed to be updated🙂


Its great when its a simple fix, right? Cheers!