Forum is slow/doesn't load

For the past few days(4), I have been experiencing

  • Forum not loading (Chrome) (both W10/Android)
  • Forum is too slow in loading (Opera)
  • Pictures takes ages to load (Opera)

Things I have tried (and failed)

  • Changed DNS to Google’s (
  • Cleared Cache/Cookies
  • Disabling AD blocker


  • when a VPN to any location is used, issue isn’t reproduced

This issue exists only on this website, doesnt happen on, YT, IG. 9GAG, etc.
The issue didn’t exist until about 4-5 days ago

My internet speed:-



Opera 43.0.2442.806 W10
Chrome 57.0.2987.54 W10
Chrome 56.0.2924.87 Android 5.0.2

Any ideas/suggestions on what to do?
Was any server/related stuff changed recently?


Gotta get that Gigabit internet speed


I have noted a few minor issues when trying to open up threads , nothing too major. I all i need to do is refresh the thread, other then it is all good.


I’ve been experiencing this as of yesterday and today. It seems to time out at times, and sometimes the page just loads up blank.

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Mine has been working fine (well, most of the time), and my internet speed is a lot slower than yours:

Has your internet been slow? If that happens to me I would just assume it’s my interent.

Guys, speed is most likely not an issue in this case.

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I’ve noticed it too, so it’s not on your end ;)

I have never had any issue in the past few weeks.

This is something for @discourse to look into; I haven’t experienced such issues on my end.


It is fine @dush19 please stop complaining.


I’ve had the same issues that last few days.
High speed LTE so I doubt it’s my Satan- Using Safari on iPhone

The same issue on About 4 different Wifi networks.

I will dig through the logs and see what I can figure out.



  • tested out at the mall (different ISP), same result
  • using VPN on the Android device mentioned above, works just fine

Does that help of any sort?

That’s what happens to me, page loads up white. Title is correct though

@Chatta290 it’s faster than I pay for lol


This has happened to me too. I’m using an iPad Air 2. The 500 error keeps showing, and the loading symbol on the page just keeps turning.

Does load for you? If so, you should post this there. There is nothing anyone here can do for you.

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It does, AR. Read the topic.

Very weird. It is probably because you go on 9gag.