Forum home page similar to IF

Good evening, I will do some research on the X PLANE 11 live flight tracking and, I came across the FS2020 forum which looks a lot like the IF one.
I’ll let you judge for yourself.

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This because they both use the Discourse I believe.


Eh. It’s mostly due to how Discourse lays out their forums service. If I’m not mistaken, you select options and plug in links to generate it. It’s basically how our social media buttons/tabs in the upper right corner are laid out. They are then generated automatically, it’s not copying the IFC, but simply using Discourse as it’s forums platform! Also, forums can’t exactly be copyrighted like that. Even if they were copying us, per say, it’s not illegal under American Law unless our own assets are being stolen (which they wouldn’t be). So nothing wrong with the layout like this.

Perhaps one of the mods could elaborate, as I know nothing about Discourse outside of what is accessable to the average forum user (such as text layout, etc). Perhaps @schyllberg could elaborate or one of the @moderators sorry i pinged as well. Cheers.


Ok thank for ur answer

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Modo u can close this subjet

Nothing odd. Just the general layout of the Discourse platform which many, many others use :)