Forum Glitches

Was the server updated or something I’m confused with all these new forum areas

I told Matt about this

@matt this is what I told you

Matt isn’t in charge of the forum @philippe is :)


Something weird is going on:


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The forums have fallen.

The dudes name even matches too:

There is something weird going on. We contacted discourse and will update you ASAP.


the forum was hacked?

Are you partnered with discourse?

FDS are not partnered with Discourse, no…

I’m all ok nothing is wrong with my account all my notifications are still there.

There is no information that would suggest that this is true.

Things look a little better…

got excited about the heroes rise category too…

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I’m sure it’s being worked on, let’s take a chill pill please, they know the situation, let’s not bombard them with replies.

Cheers :) ;)

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Did you get the message that I got? Something about encryption.

The forum is hosted by the Discourse team.

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Alright, glad mods are on it that fast, other app mods take hours. Thats why this community is so strong. will keep my eye out for anything unusual.


But now suddenly everything is back to normal, whoever PMed me, the message title was something like “Welcome to Millardworld!” and I was like who the heck…then my profile was logged out and when I logged back in I couldn’t check my profile, there was a “Network 404 Error”

Things seem back to normal now…

No I haven’t received anything but like @Michael_Black said I will keep an eye out.

All is back to normal on my end.