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It is kosher for me to post in the General category or the ATC category saying that I will be at a specific airfield tower on the training server for pattern work. Trying to practice more pattern sequencing for IFATC and allow pilots who want todo real pattern work but don’t have access to the Expert server know that I will be available to train with them. I looked in the 2018 forum guidelines post but did not see anything that outlined this questions. Thanks


Hi Sean,

Absolutely! I’d recommend posting in #atc when you plan to open up a frequency on the training server. We have a handful of folks looking to assist others in improving and honing in on their skills. I’d recommend taking a look at the structure of current topics that folks created so that you can get a good idea on how to create a decent “ATC Tracking Thread”. Hope this helps, and I’ll be on the look out to assist in providing feedback sometime down the road. Best of luck, have fun and enjoy!



Adding on to what Deer said, here is some info about what you are describing, it is called an ATC tracking thread:

ATC Tracking Threads

We allow for tracking threads for your ATC training to be published. Please refrain from doing these unless you are in the process of joining the official IFATC team to control the expert server. When not active, please add [CLOSED] or [OFFLINE] to your title. This is the same for all topics in the category.

I have mine if you would like to take an example of the usual format, although I added a little extra to mine.

And to add on to what both Deer and Areorbit said:

If you’re looking to improve your Skills while gaining feedback from others, ATCEG is a wonderful place ran by the one and only Trio! :)

I would highly suggest joining to learn more about Controlling


Awesome guys I really appreciate the help, I’m in military aviation, as a flyer and not a controller but want to get better at controlling aircraft. I’m glad there are provisions that allow me to coordinate training on the server. I will read into the thread and follow the procedures and example. You all have been very helpful.

-REDHAWK 717 did you contact approach because of weather?

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While I love the ATCEG Program, I do suggest you do some Tracking Thread work on your own first. It’s better to come into ATCEG with a bit of experience. I also suggest once you get a bit of experience and have viewed the tutorials a few times you look into trainers.


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