Forum elements appearing in Greyscale

On my iPhone (google chrome) the screen would eventually correct itself but on my iPad (safari), it remains in grayscale.

Whatever the case, I like it

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Excuse me. Had to get that out


It is still there in my androids chrome…

Looks nice in my opinion!

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Like if it was grey scale on your phone. It’s actually in the code now.

Now i have the bad feeling that i see all in gray. Needs medical visit allright

Mods should pin a general topic about it to say its normal then avoid creating multiples topics about it

No updates from admin, glitch perhaps?


I see, it’s a really dark blue, approaching black. Mark me down as “against”.

It’s a new forum design, I like it, at first I was really confused but I can get the hang of it.

I don’t think it’s something you should be making a joke of, seeing as many people including myself are colourblind and can have serious difficulty with changes like this.

I notice the change, and it looks horrible for me - it’s not easy to make out the text in the notifications dropdown.


This is a new update

The colours are back!


Yay! I didn’t even recognize it! Thank you!

So now it has changed back to blue (actually looks like a lighter blue than it was before). Also, there are some elements in the profile tab that appear in orange.

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