Forum doesn't load on Microsoft Edge

I was using Microsoft Edge, my favourite browser, when the community main page failed to load. It loaded on Explorer, so what went wrong?


Well, do you have a picture?

@dush19 knows how bad Edge is.


Moral of the story?

Use IE.

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Let’s say, Edge is pretty bad… I would recommending using Chrome, which is free and offers much more useful features. You can migrate from Edge to Chrome really easily, check out the article linked below! :)


No. All it does is show a single colour screen where the webpage goes (that single colour is the theme colour) and show this sort of tab
I suspect my Internet speed

Funny. But I can’t leave Edge easily (Addicted to MSN News).

MSN? That’s still a thing? 😂


I don’t know how people oboe with edge.

Use a decent browser like Chrome or Vivaldi?

I would go to Chrome, Explorer or Firefox if MSN was available in the same way it is in Edge.(You should see the Start page to understand what I mean)

Chrome is a lot better, @RedBulbBlueBlood9911. You will definitely like it alot more :)

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Simple, Don’t use edge.

Not sure how else to fix this, all I know is that edge is rubbish


It was pretty painful to open it, and i might have to purge my computer after using this crappy browser…
But the community works fine using Edge.



The Edge is not as bad as everyone thinks. I use Chrome, but the aesthetics of Edge are nice

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Use Chrome or Firefox. Edge is just a “nextgen” version of IE.

Next-gen, but just a step back.

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lol funny joke


Recommendation if you can’t get it to work: use Firefox. You can set it so you can get notifications from the community even when the browser isn’t open. I was never able to do that on IE, Edge or Chrome. Plus the community runs super smooth!


I just tested it on my side and it works! (really slow through…) :D

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I use safari (=Mac) and it work perfectly ! When I was a windows user I’ve never used Microsoft Edge, I use and recommend Chrome and sometimes Firefox…

Why you using edge man? Internet Explorer is where it’s at!