Forum Composure

Many of you tend to forget that we have people of all ages and languages on these forums and with that comes many differences in opinions(I know I forgot and got flagged for it). But I cant say how many times I have seen someone express their opinion and get scolded and bashed for it. Interpretations vary just as much as individuality on these forums and anything you say can be taken the wrong way by others.

What I am trying to say is that we watch out for use of improper language, curse words, etc. because of kids being on the forums when we need to watch out for so much more. Before you go off posting on someone’s thread, trying to protect the developers because someone disagrees with their methods or making your point come across as strong and effective as possible; think about who is on the other side of the screen. A kid, someone with a disability, a language barrier or maybe someone with a temper because at the end of the day NO ONE has the same views on here.


Thank you.


I completely agree with you… Many people here are full of prejudice and all but so long you decide to rebel, so long the Community decides to flame you till you dead… Literally.

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