Forum change: min post length

We just increased the min post length from 10 to 20 characters (which was the initial default). While we encourage people to contribute, it is important that conversations stay on topic and free from “noise” as much as possible. We see a lot of very short posts in topics that don’t contribute positively to the conversation or that could be expressed with a simple “Like”.

If what you want to share is less than 20 characters, it is most likely not important enough to be worth a post.

Note that PMs are not affected and have the same minimum character length as before (10).

Trying to bypass the minimum post length with any sort of trickery will get your post deleted. Multiple offenses could result to a temporary ban.

As always, we will monitor the effect of this change and will tweak it accordingly to find the right balance.


I did like it having a minimum of 10, but 20’s fine :)


Personally I’d prefer 10, but I see where you’re coming from. I’m sure it will improve forum quality tho.


Welcome change in my opinion.


The forum quality has dropped recently, and it definitely needs this boost


This is only 20 letters


It was time to do this… thanks !!

10 then 20. That makes sense but then it dont because sometimes some PM’s or post will make sense to be short.


PMs are the same as before. Give me a good example of a case where a post that is less than 20 characters is actually relevant.

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Simple yes or no questions. Or perhaps a favourite aircraft kind of thing where people don’t want to justify their choice?

This is exactly what we want to improve: if you agree with something, simply “like”. If you disagree and feel the need to say something, explain why. The goal here is to nudge our community to engage into more meaningful conversations.


yes I feel the exact same way

As wren said. Someone asking which aircraft to buy. For example 787-8 or 787-9. A post with just 787-8 is all that is needed but a like wouldn’t do sufficient. Another example is at an event. Asking for a gate. A post only needs to be. Gate please. Which is under 20 characters but over 10.

For example: Maybe @Someone joined a VA and maybe that person wanted to say a short thank you to the VA staff member.

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Another excellent decision in keeping our forums clean, well done!

In addition to what Philippe said, a poll could also be used in this case. However, I wouldn’t see why you wouldn’t want the justification. The justification is the meaningful and useful part.


Yeah I’m all for the word limit I still think those examples are valid though. But I would like to see there be no limit in PM’s if that is at all possible.

Edit: just thought of a new example - Thank you which is sometimes all that is needed

I just use a like to convey my thanks, most of the time. I think most people interpret it that way too.


Yes but on PM that would be fine as there are only a couple of users. However, in public likes can often be misinterpreted and even just ignored (I often do that myself).