Fort Worth Alliance Air Show | 17OCT20

Hey, everyone! Last weekend, I attended the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. I rented a new lens specifically for the show, a Tamron G2 150-600mm. This lens is massive - my wrists hurt after 20 minutes of using it at the practices. Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in right as the show was starting, so there was not much light.

On to the pictures!

C17 Demo Team

C17 demo team passing over the crowd and banking away.

F-22 Raptor Demo Team

F-35 Lighting II Demo Team

US Air Force Thunderbirds


Overall, the airshow was pretty alright! Definitely looking forward to next year.

Here’s a lens comparison of the 150-600 to the 70-300mm I normally use:

Check out my Instagram for more of my spotting:


Stunning pics! That first one has to be my favorite!

Absolutely stunning. I live in the Dallas area, I’ll try to check out something like this next time it comes to town. Great pics!

o m g

You’re welcome for the suggestion.

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I found it myself and asked you if it was good :L

I told you to rent tho :L

I was gonna do that anyway :L

You shoulda started looking earlier hee hee :L

Great short @Altaria55! Nice to see you at KAFW 👀


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If I did I could have gotten a Sigma hee hee :L

Or a 100-400L :L

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