Fort Myers to Austin ( SUNNY FORT MYERS FLYOUT )

Before we begin I would like the announce that im currently ( or was ) working on a guide for Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport ( SKCL ) for you guys but sadly you cannot post another topic while you have a draft in progress so now I gotta restart, don’t have a current date for posting it since I really want it to be in depth and I kinda also need some advice but anyways let’s get back to the flight!

Today @Ryan_Carney hosted a flyout event at Fort Myers Southwest Florida airport which in my opinion is the most UNDERRATED commercial airport in Florida it isn’t big by any means but still lovely and there was a slot to go to Austin with the American Airlines E175 and I went for it but let’s just not waste any time and take off!

Flight Info

Origin: Southwest Florida Intl ( KRSW )
Destination: Austin Bergstrom Intl ( KAUS )
Flight Info: 2:10
Embraer E175 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

Here we begin on this sunny ☀️ Florida 🍊afternoon along with two other American jets in the back, the A319 next to me going to Washington DC’s national airport and the A321 in the back going to Charlotte.

Here we are waiting in line in fact, I actually held everybody up 😅 but everybody around me chose to pushback when I wanted to so I had to wait for them but here is the A321 that was behind me holding short RWY 06

Here we are last departure, which was me but still a smooth rotation out of Fort Myers with the E175 I really like this plane and is the only regional jet I like but till the next time FL 🌴🍊👋

Climbed only up to FL340 since I underestimated the flight time which only was 2hrs and 10mins and I loaded almost 4hrs of fuel so my bad on that 😅 but still we cruised over the Gulf eventually before nesting with Louisiana before getting into Texas turned off the seatbelt sign so passengers could get up and released the cabin crew for their service as we enjoyed the lovely views ♥️

Why hello there? Louisiana 👋

Now the STAR I put into KAUS was very funky especially with the altitudes I almost got a violation from overspeeding 😅 thankfully flaps helped out the speed a lot! 😁

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Austin 😎 the capital city of Texas 🌵🤠 not the biggest that would be Houston but still a nice place with a nice airport, especially the south terminals it’s really cool!

Parked the plane perfectly, shut down the plane and went into the terminal to grab some Starbucks ☕️ before my next flight, Tomorrow I will also be posting the final leg of my Broadway to Hollywood trip on a flight from LAX → MIA on an American Airlines flagship B777-300ER in flagship business ( domestic first ) but between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉


Lovely pictures and a great trip report (as always)! Nice work!

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Thanks as always, but this isn’t really a tripreport since im the pilot

Well, how about a “commentary on the flight?”

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Yeah I still comment on all my flights no matter what and thats my main strength, if im not the biggest fan of my photos at least I want my commentary to be good!

Nice shots. Could you pm me your replay please? I’d like to make a spotting topic on the event but I unfortunately couldn’t make it.

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I deleted it already :(

Oh alright.

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@NonStopPopFM amazing pictures! the picture from the gate in austin is my fav😍

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