Fort Myers Flyout @KRSW 072100ZMAR

Ok now am I good because I took my time doing this

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Yes, however you might want to put more in your thread such as Server and NOTAMs.

Ok I can do that but what is a notam

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Notice to Airmen.

notam stands for notices to airmen and it is basically important information that the pilots need to know prior to flying

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Oh ok yeah that works

I would also add other info to get other participants to join like why they should, why is the airport unique, etc. look at other flyouts for an example

Ok that is awesome

Looks good right

Looks good? And if you want to join your welcome

You can join to

little better you still need to add the server and add more details. Like I said look at other flyouts to get the idea

But do you want to join

I am not sure if I can

Ok but I changed it so is it good now

I suppose it looks alright

Well thank you I got to go because my battery is dead thanks for making it better have a good day

One more thing, add 20 to the end of the time/date marking at the end of your title. It means the year. πŸ˜„πŸ‘‡

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