Fort Lauderdale's(FLL)(KFLL)First British Airways Flight(Pictures)

The thing is Emirates also arrived on that same runway but landing from 28L on their first flight to FLL, but every flight after that they land on 10L/28R (most active runway). I think they just made BA land on that runway just for the people expecting it on that spotting area next to the runway, but will keep landing like almost all of them do on 10L/28R.

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I bet you that British Airways will use KFLL as a Caribbean “Hub” (SXM-FLL-LHR, ANU-FLL-LHR, SJU-FLL-LHR, etc)

The bet is 2 Virtual Cookies!!!

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  1. Why wouldn’t they just use KMIA?
  2. Aren’t there rules surrounding the use of planes registered in other countries making revenue flights within another country?

KMIA already has a BA 747-400 and A380 coming everyday, we dont need any more BA traffic. They want to open up new routes so they opened up KFLL, these routes that dont involve major airports like EGLL and KMIA and have less demand could make KFLL a high demand airport since a majore airline is flying there. This is more for the benefit of KFLL, MIA has too much traffic to start off with anyway after all it is the buisiest airport in Florida.

But most people who would fly those routes would originate their trip from the U.K. it sounds more logical to either partner with a airline that is already established in the Caribbean with plenty of gates at KMIA. KFLL and KMIA are close together it makes sense to focus flights to one and leave out the other. Airlines like American Airlines already operate to a ton of Caribbean destinations out of KMIA it makes more sense to partner with them because they actually have a hub there than to compete with them, especially because they are both in One World.

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