Fort Lauderdale's(FLL)(KFLL)First British Airways Flight(Pictures)

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Starting later today, FLL or KFLL will be receiving the first British Airways flight to come to the airport at ~1:45pm using a Boeing 777(read article for more details).

I’m really happy for FLL. First it’s Azul, then Norwegian, then Emirates, now BA. All I can say is that I promise to get great photos of the 777 and I hope it’s a successful route for a very long time.


So FLL is really getting some attention?


Yeah, it’s a huge cruising hub.

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The CEO must be thrilled with all of the new airlines coming to KFLL. I think it’s great to see so much traffic coming to KFLL.

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Why FLL is getting Attention, Miami is only 30 Mins Far

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Miami is popular. I guess it’s the airlines’ way of minimising delays while also getting (essentially) where they need to go. And it gives customers a way to see a little bit of Florida even if it is a small and miniscule portion of it. My point is that I can see the business advantages of it…

I dont get why they’re flying to FLL When MIA is right next door and already has a BA 747 and A380 coming in once or twice a day, i mean if you want to go to FLL just get an uber off miami to drive you there. Both city’s/county’s are right next door to eachother so i dont see why?
But i can see why they’re doing it as KFLL sees less international traffic than MIA, so this could relieve KMIA from delays and such, like i will never fly American ever again because of there delays.

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This is a way for BA to expand their operations to Florida. They already have 2 flights to Miami as @Cpt_Chris said and this brings in more opportunities for people going on cruises around the carrabien. It saves them the hassle of delays at MIA and gives much easier and quicker access to the cruise terminal. I imagine this flight will become very popular over time.


Expanded Long Haul leisure flights out of Gatwick plus it puts pressure on Norwegian especially considering that BA have started flights to Oakland another favorite Norwegian destination.

There is more to it than meets the eye methinks!

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Another route to add to my list once global releases!

This is great, it’ll bring a lot more tourism into the country which means more money for the economy!

That’s a story to tell, a long story.

I got my video and pictures.

The problem is that everyone thought the aircraft was coming to 10L and it came to final for 10R. I can’t imagine how inside my house felt.

I will upload some pics later today.

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BA’s flights to MIA are out of LHR not Gatwick. FLL is too small of a market for them to operate out of LHR. The Miami Metropolitan area is a huge growing area but KMIA is at orr near capacity with gates. KFLL is not there yet but is getting close but KFLL has more ability to expand it’s size while KMIA does not. There is a farm south of it that they could buyout to move the offices on the West end to and develop the west end as a new Terminal.

FLL is building some new buliding by Terminal 1 so im guessing it’s a expansion.

Next up would be the area adjacent to current Terminals.

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It’s going to be Concourse A of Terminal 1, and Southwest is going to operate their international flights out of there.

And, I’m so happy that BA is starting at FLL. Ft. Lauderdale is a booming city and there are numerous large towns surrounding it like Pembroke Pines is one. All this new service will definitely contribute to the economy!

KFLL will probably never overtake KMIA but it is surely expanding, that is a good sign not just to the airport but the city itself.

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It’s amazing that a big destination like Fort Lauderdale didn’t see BA earlier.

Ofcourse it wont, KMIA is an A380 airport and is also a class bravo and it has massive runways with many terminals, KFLL is expanding but wont come close to MIA.

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Gate(Terminal 4)

I have more pics but I personally think these are the best. Also, there is no other way to take a better Gate Picture around the airport.