Fort Lauderdale to el Valle del Cauca ( KFLL FLYOUT )

I had 0 plans to do this flight but I stumbled across a fly out from Fort Lauderdale by @United403 and Cali, Colombia with a Spirit A321 was one of the routes you can fly, I obviously went with that route simply because why not I’ve flown there millions of times and wouldn’t mind doing it from Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami for a change, this event was the main motivator for me to grind to grade 3 to get expert server access it was well worth all the work but anyways let’s get airborne!

Origin: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl ( KFLL )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl ( SKCL )
Flight Time: 3:09
Airbus A321-200 ( Spirit )
Server: Expert

I did the routinely walk around our A321 taking us down south alongside an American Airlines 737-800 bound for Chicago O’Hare ( KORD )

Shot of us casually waiting in line to depart KFLL from RWY 10L from a FedEx Boeing 777F ( NOTE: even though it’s not present, there was a Dash Q400 between me and the Delta B757-200 )

Even though the winds were almost perfectly down RWY 10L I STILL managed to mess up the take off a little bit which sucked since there was like who knows how many people watching it but nobody is perfect in this world so let’s move on, till the next time Fort Lauderdale!

Climbed up to FL380 and still saw almost the same exact things as we did from that one AA flight from Miami almost 2 months ago in case you didn’t know it went Cuba 🇨🇺 Jamaica 🇯🇲 and then finally Colombia 🇨🇴

Speaking of MIA and AA, remember how I saw a plane heading to Cali when I was returning to Miami? Well here’s another one which unaware to me at the time was part of a group of 4 people! Yikes what if I did that instead of this.

Well fast forward like an hour and a half later and now we are descending into Cali but this time it is night since we didn’t leave Fort Lauderdale until around 4:20 ish PM EST

Same final U turn to line up with RWY 02 at SKCL but this time you can’t see anything!

SKCL this evening was a lot busier than usual in infinite flight mostly everybody who was apart of that group who flew in from Miami!

TOUCHDOWN!! Welcome back to Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl Airport and this A321 landing was a lot better than the Delta A321 because I didn’t float as much as there was no crosswinds!

Once I arrived, everybody else started leaving Cali there was mere many planes like a UPS MD11, American A321s and even an Avianca B787-8 which was cool, our parking spot tonight was gate D19. overall, this experience was really fun especially with all the planes in Fort Lauderdale hopefully more fly outs happen in South Florida but between today and who knows when, See you in the sky! 😉


@NonStopsAviation Im so glad i helped you get to grade 3 and glad that you loved the event!

Amazing pictures my friend

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Thank you 😉👊

wish i attended my ipad died when i was climbing to fl361 so i could of joined as a late arrival but i wasnt bothered :(

I saw when you are crossing Cuba 🫡

Allegiant for the win

Loved seeing you!

You were the one behind me?

Ya that was me made it

Which plane were you? ( I can’t remember lol )

On the map or visually?


I took off 10R

to CUN? I looked on the flyout and page and it said you were going to SXM but yeah I think I did see you

Yup, that’s me!

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