Fort Lauderdale to Chicago O’Hare Trip Report!


A few weeks back, I traveled with United up to Chicago for Thanksgiving! I decided to take some pictures of my fun journey and make a trip report!

Here I am, at terminal 1 at Fort Lauderdale! This terminal includes United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Alaska Airlines and, Allegiant Airlines!

At the United Check-In, Fort Lauderdale has some very cool model airplanes that hang from the ceiling! Pretty cool!

Luckily, we were able to stop in at the United lounge and have a snack as we waited for out plane! The united lounge had many tasty snacks and desserts !

Also they had a cool Picture of a old United plane!

Now, here is our plane that will take us up to O’Hare! Our aircraft is a Boeing 737-800!

Once I was boarded, I had a very nice wing view, with a Allegiant A320
beside us!


See ya Florida ✌️

I was very surprised with the IFE! It had a wide variety of new movies, along with plenty of TV and sports channels!


When we reached our cruising altitude, the flight attendants came around with Biscoff cookies! I could not turn down the opportunity! lol


The rest of the flight went well and when approaching O’Hare, I had a
great view of the city!

Once we landed, I was treated by a a ANA 77W and a Lufthansa 748!

Sorry about the “IMG.jpeg” things next to my words, they would not go away!

Well, thats it! It was a great flight! Over all, I would rate my experience a 9 out of 10!



Sorry that some of the photos did not upload correctly, I will fix them!

I wish to Chicago someday, but man the skyline is beautiful there

Yes it is! It was so cool!😍

I believe that is a Douglas DC-4. It could be a DC-6 though.

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Glad to see you had a nice trip! I haven’t flown United in a very long time but will be flying on a pair of their 737s in January

Thank you! It was nice, I think you will like it!

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I also didn’t realize United served those cookies 🤤
Now the big 3 all have them!

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Yes, I was surprised when the flight Attendants whipped them out! They are so good!

Nice report! Love how you got a Biscoff. By far my fav snack in the air 😂
Chicago’s O’hare airport is a very nice airport I have to say!

Nice pictures @Scandanavian54super!

Can’t wait to see you flyout for KFLL in Infinite Flight as well :)

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I was just there on Friday! Flew MEM-FLL on Allegiant on N243NV. Also minor correction Allegiant doesn’t have a321s


I love those Biscoff cookies 👍🏽🤣Awesome trip report!

What runway did you land?

Oh yea sorry, meant the A320😅

Yikes, don’t remember

All I know, is that the runway that I landed on was the runway next to the international terminal

Thanks @Armani_B!

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Nice pictures! I flew to KORD once but it was right before the sun rose so it was totally dark. Didn’t get to see the skyline, but the lights were cool!

Thank you! KORD is so cool!

This makes me miss the KFLL airport. I used to love there, very nice

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