Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport starts more direct international flights!

I went onto the website and I saw how Emirates (it’s not on the website now but it is in service) and British Airways are starting direct international flights in 2017! (But Emirates already started). This will be nice so people who live far from KFLL don’t have to drive even farther to KMIA for a direct international flight
FLL Airport FLL Airport

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Emirates already started service

Yes I saw on YouTube which is why I said some started already.

I wonder if there is going to be a huge difference in ticket prices for BA for flying out of KFLL then KMIA

I wonder too. I also wonder if they will add sky lounges.

KFLL already had direct international flights…?

Yep! Hello Fort Lauderdale | Emirates Airline - YouTube started December 15!

Oh I see how your saying it. Well what I mean is they are going to be longer. They are bringing in the 777s and more 787s.

FLL already have multiple international routes

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They also had the Norwegian flights…?

Yea but more.

Exactly, thank you.

Then you should change the title…?

£10 difference


Okay, well what I mean is it is upgrading. It was direct international but I guess now they are taking it directly to Britain and Dubai. I am sorry for any false information.

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I saw an Emirates 777 and an Azul A330 and I was there yesterday…

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Well great! I changed the title and stated Emirates had started its revenue so yea.


Also thank all of you for pointing out my errors because I need feedback in order to have better skills at creating topics!

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BA will start service July 6 flying to Gatvick. It will be 3 flights, peak season 4 flights per week.

That’s great news! I’m flying there on Delta in March.