Fort-de-France *Virtual Planespotting*

Today I flew a flight from Paris-Orly LFPO to Fort-de-France Martinique TFFF, in expert serve. The time of the picture was about 8AM.
As I went to TNCM a lot of times, I decided to change a destination. Martinique 🇲🇶 is really a beautiful island on the Caribbean Sea. I never thought that there is a snowy mountain 🏔 to be the background. That’s really a special view in the tropical area.


Nice pictures!

Cool photo! Love the scenery in the back

It must be white from a cloud - there isn’t any snow there in reality.

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Yeah, I searched some photos on and discovered that there isn’t any snow…

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Probably clouds. Once I land at Abu Dhabi I’ll be doing Virtual Planespotting.