Former Route Flight Number Question.


Hello all ๐Ÿ‘‹

Anyone know where I could find a database of former flight numbers? Specifically Iโ€™m looking for the flight number and times for the Aeroflot flights between Moscow and Seattle, I believe they operated this route until 2005.

Thanks all!

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Your best bet would be google, I did this when I was looking for Continental DC10 routes and found flight numbers

Looks to be the Moscow-Seattle Route was 323 so the other way was most likely 324

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I tried looking, perhaps I was using the wrong search phrases? Thank you kindly.


Here is the flight plan, and the flight was done in a 767-300.
Good luck trying to decode that lol


Was it so obvious that it was in flight aware? Geez Iโ€™m embarrassed! Thank you guys, if there is a need to close this feel free.

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It is a flight that is 14 years old, so it took some time to find of FlightAware, and youโ€™re welcome!

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You can try this site as well. Has a lot of historic flights.

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