Former Garuda Indonesia CEO named suspect of alleged bribery

I heard he was involved in Bribery of the A330-900NEO orders (With Trent 700 as the engine option). Many Believed Rolls Royce has bribed some carriers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, and etc to buy their engine products (From Local TV). Garuda is one of the carriers. It’s sad to hear the CEO who brought Garuda from the cemetry (fyi, Garuda almost went bankrupt because of it’s debts) into one of the most improved airline in the world ends in this fate.


Wait! Not India! Wasn’t expecting Thailand and India to be involved.

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Yeah, I also didn’t expect those countries to be involved in this scandal

Check the 5th Paragraph

Why not? India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world

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Might explain why u like BJP since u are from India. But corruption is at national level not international level.

And that pushes the UK a few places down in a Least Corrupt Countries Chart.


Don’t get me started on BJP…

Lol yeah I am not gonna push forward on that.

Another day another scandal, this guy deserves some time

What do you mean I don’t like that behaviour? I could see it wasn’t going to end at that comment so I was going to suggest a PM as it’s off topic

Wasn’t expecting Indonesia, Thailand, India, and etc. to be involved along with a foreign party.

Yeah, I didn’t even guess that Rolls Royce would bribe carriers to buy their engines.

Sales. Yes, they wanted more sales.

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