Formatting Your ATC Tracking Thread

Recently I have seen many tracking threads not properly formatted. Some I didn’t even know were a tracking thread before I clicked on the topic. This is a concern, especially if you want a consistent amount of community members attending your ATC sessions.

A proper ATC tracking thread should be frequently updated. This is to ensure that other members know where you are, and if you are open or not. As a community, we appreciate your interest in wanting to become apart of IFATC, or just wanting to improve your ATC skills in general. Please properly format your ATC tracking thread, as a properly formatted tracking thread shows responsibility and dedication.

Here is how your tracking thread should be formatted:

Name | Airport ICAO | Server | Status



So would this format also please you?

Balloonchaser’s ATC Tracking Thread @ TNCM [OPEN]

As IFATC can only announce if they are open if they are approach training on TS1 and nobody can open on Casual. Therefore TS1 is the only server that ATC Tracking Threads can be made for. Therefore don’t see why they should be “forced” to be in the title.

Just my two cents


Yes BalloonBot, it would. Obviously the format will change when you are open or closed but the goal is to get the big picture.


Understood big boss @Delta_Alpha_Lima

@Balloonchaser Guess I have to adjust my answer after a massive edit of your comment. ;)

If you are in IFATC, abide by the rules. This topic mainly applies to people that are still working their way up.


And/or a nice regular could just edit the title for the new controller/new community member instead of ruining the thread. Also, there is no reason why you would specify the server. :)


Would You recommend people that are not working their way up to IFATC? For instance, I would open tower on some airport and practice sequencing/patterns, but I definetly have no reason to name it ATC tracking thread. I understand that is not necessary, but then should I mention that I’m not seeking to be IFATC in the actual thread?

Sorry if this confuses You,
Ignas P.

You can still have a tracking thread even if your not going for IFATC

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But I don’t understand - why call it “tracking”? If anything, what are we tracking?

Your tracking where you are going next

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Uh, that’s still confusing. I usually ATC when I’m tired or not in a flying mood, so most probably I’m going next to:

  1. Sleep.

  2. Eat (since that makes me energized).

  3. Browse.

  4. Spend my free time in other ways.

I seriously am confused about what we’re tracking. I understand if a person is working up to IFATC, we’re tracking their progress, but what are we tracking when a person is just ATCing, not trying to become IFATC?

Well there arent many people that have a Tracking Thread that aren’t going for IFATC but I guess you could put ATC Thread if your not going for IFATC

Pinned at the top of #atc. It’s used to track when someone opens so you can come fly patterns, and then give feedback so they can improve.

Wait - I think I may understand it now. It’s to track where the player goes to Air Trafic Control.

Correct me on this if I am wrong…

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Yea that’s right it’s for people to track where your at

Ah, thank You for clarifying that. But is it really necessary?

Well to join ATCEG it is necessary to have a tracking thread and to practice for IFATC I think it’s good so that you can practice.

After this let’s take it to PM sorry Delta

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