Formations Flight Tracking Thread

Hello! I’ve searched and haven’t seen any Topics or Threads, And I Know I Regularly Fly In Formation. If anyone else does, this would be a great place to put it.

•Departure Airport
•Estimated Time Of Flight
•Aircraft. (If Flying A Dissimilar Formation, State ALL)
•How Much Spacing
•Lead Aircraft

(Any Other Relevant Info)

This Would Be Great For Making Lifelong Friends, Or Practicing For An Airshow. (Like the one at Oceana NAS)


If you want to join me for a refueling/fighter formation flight in 10mins… you’re more than welcome to come and fly with me!

Server: Expert
Departure Airport: KNKX
Estimated Time of Flight: KNKX-KNJK (30mins?)
Aircraft: Fighter if you want to refuel, but any other aircraft is fine.
Spacing: As close as possible ;)
Lead Aircraft: N152SE (KC10) (me)

Copy my fpl
Leaves at 2230Z September 16, 2018

EDIT: cancelled

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•Server: Training.
•Departure Airport: KPIT to KJFK.
•Estimated Time Of Flight: 8:10PM EST.
•Aircraft: military aircraft.
•How Much Spacing: Close spacing.
•Lead Aircraft: AGY-191 (F-14)

I’ll be at the Air Force parking at KPIT waiting. cruise alt will be FL300-FL330 or lower depending on if there’s C-130s.

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hey…Thx for this post. I had a question…How do you communicate when you are flying in formation. Is there an app everyone uses? It would seem like more fun and efficeint to communicate while in formation…

Many people use discord. It’s best to sort this out with your fellow pilots in a PM though :)

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Do you have a discord if you do can you give me your account so I can send you a friend request

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ok thank you for the info

I dont have it. When I get it, I will PM you. thank you

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