Formation? Sure we can!

Haha… me and my puns…
Get it? The slogan of TNT is “Sure we can” and my title is “Sure we can”…

Hey IFC, please forgive my humor. How are you guys doing?
I’m doing fine. Today I asked @GameBoy_KIRB to fly formation with me.
We got our little TNT 77F and flew around the Miami area. After 10 minutes of @GameBoy_KIRB catching up on me the formation went perfectly.
I’m a bit excited to show you guys so enjoy!

Flight Details🧐

Route: KMIA 🇺🇸-KMIA 🇺🇸
Aircraft: TNT 777-200F
Flight Time: Around an hour


Gear Up!

Turning towards the Keys for some neat scenery

@GameBoy_KIRB suddenly got behind a some distance, here he finally caught up

Maybe a bit too much, but I still like it

What can I say🤩

Ew Backlit. Ye it has backlit, but for some reason I still think this shot looks really nice.
Anyway here we are on final, trying our best to have a parallel landing.

I wanna thank @GameBoy_KIRB for joining me on this awesome trip. And take a look at his screenshot topics as well, his screenshots are quite nice.

Thanks for viewing, I hope y’all enjoyed❤️
Until next time 🌟
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Very cool pictures ! Tbh when I read the title I first thought it’s about fighter jets haha


Wow!!! Amazing shots!


For the record you asked yesterday and flew today. 😜

Awesome photos like always @Infinite_Qantas! The 77F like really good in formations!


Hey there! I loved our formation we did over the keys

Sorry if gotten pretty slow start but thanks anyway


Great shots!


Looks awesome dude! Keep it up!

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Sorry 😂
But Freighters are cool too, right?

Thanks @jordan_croft 😄

@Butter_Boi actually, I asked him today to do it earlier today. So I still asked it today ;)

@GameBoy_KIRB no worries, you did great!

Merci Beaucoup @Goldy 😊

Thank you very much @Legomaniac 😄


Awesome pictures!

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Those pictures… they are breathtaking :)

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Thanks😊 @anon57312879 and @captn_n

very beautiful photos

Great shots!

Pure professionalism, I enjoyed watching those photos. Thx for sharing! definitely would like to see more :)