Formation of a Virtual Airline!

Hello, I want to form Delta virtual airlines. I would like to know if anyone is interested in joining?


Poor attempt at a website :(

Maybe I will join:)

I like the website!

Thank you.

How do I join?

You fill out the pilot application, which I believe you already did?

I’ll update the pilot roster soon.

I did fill the application

Ok, I’ll get you on the pilot roster tomorrow, (I don’t have access to my PC, and wix doesn’t soupport IOS.)

This is just for infinite flight or a real delta airline?

Just for infinite flight. Hence the name “Virtual”

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Anything new?

What is this link? I saw this in the partners list of One World Virtual

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Sorry cant join, but very nice website it isnt “poor attempt” at all!


I’m in now!!

Thank you all for joining or contributing! I hope Delta Virtual will be a big success.

I am planing future events and fly-ins, along with updates to the website and other tools used to form this Airline!

I hope we can make DVA the number one virtual Airline on IF.

I am also making a discussion page just for DVA.

Here is the current pilot roster as of 11/3/15
Lukas Bacon, DeltaVirtual
William Mann, Unkown Username
Corran Wimberly, Narroc_Wim
Jack, Unkown Username
Jonah C, Delta Virtual
Cai B, Unkown Username


Try applying again on the website

Jonah, I got you. :D