Formation Flying

New user to the forum 20 some hours on IF.

I typically hop around looking for other Navy Jets to fly with but typically people just fly crazy in the Jets… Any groups that get on for formation flying?

Know what a " Fighting Pair" or 2v2 is Tiger? Max Sends

Just had a quick look but there doesn’t seem to be a specific group for formation flight it’s more common to pop up as an event! Maybe you could create a group? Talk to @BBJMAX or a dev to see if you could create a group for formation flight enthusiast. @DIsraelFDS is also a good person to talk to about these kind of things!

Hope that helps a bit!


John Gerard

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Hello there we need some fighters please PM me if interested or check out Queen of the Skies Event thread! Thank you in advance, you will be escorting a Boeing 747-400 British Airways which is leading the event.

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@JGK00, Hey Man, Thanks for suggesting me!

@SkyHawk Drop me an PM Dude, I’ll see what I can do :)

No worries @BBJMAX

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