Formation Flying

Hello guys. I’m looking for someone to practice formation flying with. I’m a Grade 3 with about 181,000 XP, 300 flight hours, and I think 3 violations from trying to land an A380 at KMSY a week ago. If you would like to, Let me know when a god time is, and if you have discord so we an communicate. Thank you, and have a good day!

You tried Global Air Force? It’s a daily occurrence there… check the #live:va category.


Ok I will. Thanks!

The website link isn’t working.

Apologies, we haven’t updated the link as we have recently transitioned to a new system @Asneed8706
Please visit to apply.

Thank you!

@Mags885 I took the entry exam.

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You can also announce flights on the group flight thread so that people at short notice can join you. Check it out :-)

I did that, but no one seemed interested.

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Luck of the draw! Sometimes you get loads and sometimes you don’t!

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